Area Activities

Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula has some of the best views of scenery and wildlife anywhere in the United States. From hiking up snowcapped peaks, to spending the day basking in the sun along a Pacific Coast beach, the Olympic Peninsula has a wide variety of activites for visitors.

Salt water fishermen have a variety of seasons to fish. Some come to fish the many species of salmon, or bottomfish, or halibut, and some return several times a year to fish all the saltwater fishing seasons. Freshwater steelhead fisherman also stay at the Bay to fish our North Olympic rivers.

Enjoy the flight of an eagle overhead. There are over 230 different species of shore birds along the coast. Whales, sea lions, seals, otters, and porpoise are the marine mammals of the Salish Sea. The motel staff have quite a few stories to share about these coastal critters.

"Juan de Fuca" (Apostolos Valerianus) led the Spanish expedition in 1952 into the waters off the North Olympic Peninsula. He believed they had sailed into the Straits of Anian, the fabled Northwest Passage. In 1787, English Captain Charles Barclay rediscovered the Strait. The Captain named it in honor of its first European explorer.

Activities include

Sport fishing, Scuba diving, Birding, Beach combing, Wildlife watching, Photography, Kayaking, Hiking and more...

Links to area resources and Activities

  • Sekiu Weather Forecast
    Yahoo weather.
  • Tides 4 Fishing
    Tides for Sekiu - Clallam Bay. You'll want to check these out for beachcombing, too.
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
    Marine Area 5 is located between the mouth of the Sekiu River east to Low Point (mouth of the Lyre River) and south of the U.S./Canada border within the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the Olympic Peninsula. This area provides some of the best fishing opportunities for salmon and bottomfish. The majority of the salmon runs will pass through this area first during the summer before entering Puget Sound, which provides some earlier fishing opportunities when the weather holds. During odd years, an additional 2 pink salmon can be kept which provides an extra incentive to make the trip even more worthwhile.
  • Olympic National Park
    Olympic National Park is a land of beauty and variety. A day's exploration can take you from breathtaking mountain vistas with meadows of wildflowers to colorful ocean tidepools. Nestled in the valleys are some of the largest remnants of ancient forests left in the country. Olympic is like many magical parks in one. Take some time to explore its different faces!
  • Clallam Bay - Sekiu Chamber of Coommerce
    Local weather and information on the Sekui - Clallam Bay area.
  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway
    Searching for a trip that's truly off the beaten path? The Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway, State Route 112, takes you to some of the most impressive vistas found on the planet. It's the gateway to the outermost rim of the Pacific Northwest. Start your journey here....
  • Washington State Ferries
    Fares, schedules, and other travel information.
  • The Whale Trail
    The Whale Trail is a series of sites around the Northwest where the public may view orcas, other whales and marine mammals from shore.
  • The Makah Museum
    The Makah Cultural and Research Center includes the world renowned Makah Museum, as well as the Museum store, Makah Language Program, Archives and Library Department, Makah Education Department, and Tribal Historic Preservation Office.
  • Cape Flattery trail
    The Cape Flattery Trail is a 3/4 mile hike to the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous lower 48 States. From the end of the trail, you can view Tatoosh Island and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse.
  • Salmon University
    Fishing Sekiu.
  • The Olympic Peninsula Visitor's Bureau
    Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Hood Canal and on the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Peninsula is anchored by the majestic Olympic Mountains. No other place in America can match its diversity in terrain and weather in such a compact geographic area. So come visit and explore our lakes, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, beaches and rain forest.
  • The Lighthouses of Washington
    Visit the Makah trail and view the Cape Flattery Lighthouse on Tatoosh Island .